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Maharashtra Vyavasaya Prashikshan Mandal's (Maharashtra Business Training Board) M.B.T.B. is an autonomous body conducting various education programmers to inspire youth to take to self employment in their chosen professions. The ideology at M.B.T.B. is to create quality manpower and instill in them a feeling of self esteem to be able to compete in the progressive markets and achieve success. M.B.T.B. is engaged in offering certification in various vocational fields including computers.

Under the strategic tie up with Kendriya Shikshan Aevam Tantra Prashikshan Samittee , New Delhi, M.B.T.B. has grown to be known as a qualitative organization offering state-of-the-art courses in technology. M.B.T.B. with over 200 Authorized Training Centers approved for conducting IT courses boasts of helping thousands of entrepreneurs in their respective successes.

About Us

Entrepreneur are called input of the Economic development, so without input, output is not possible. So without entrepreneur development of society and National Income is not possible. so there is a need of self employment. By keeping this in mind MBTB one of the leading institute in Maharashtra who started giving training of self employment to educated unemployed people. "India is facing the problem of over population." In this critical situation MBTB is playing an important role. Up till now this Institute has given training to more than one Lakh persons. Now MBTB's branches spread in all the district of Maharashtra. The only aim of this organization is to train & motivate educated unemployed people under poverty line and training for widows, Divorced women of Maharashtra.

This institute is motivating the people for starting the different kinds of business by giving information on various financial PMRY scheme, NEF and EDP etc.It also gives the information as well as training on how to communicate with customer, How to collect any other relevant information, How to maintain an allowed etc. It also helps in preparing techno economic feasibility project report.

By considering today's need MBTB also stepped in the field of Information Technology. In earlier days the person who was unable to read and write was called illiterate; But today the person who does not know how to run computer is called illiterate. So MBTB has been giving computer education. Today 350 computer Institutes are working under the leadership of MBTB.

These Institutes not only train urban areas but also cover the rural areas. Additionally it gives training on the subjects like pickle preparation, preparation of washing powder, scented inscence sticks, rexin bags, creating articles from waste material, beauty parlour, bamboo articles, two-wheeler mechanic etc... Today their is need to speak English language in the age of globalisation, by considering the importance of it the Institute has also started the English Speaking Course.

For social help this organisation had adopted 150 orphans and started giving computer training to them. Simultaneously it is helping poor and needy people of society.e.g.1:By giving economical support it helped Mahadev Chougule for his heart operation.2.MBTB has given Rs.5000/-to Mr. Namdev Phutane's brilliant girls for their I.A.S coaching etc.

This organization is now on high with flying colors by starting Ayurveda Gramodyog, with the help of many doctors.

Recently this organization started separate import-export and also about exime policy of Govt. It is very proud to say that daily 60 to 70 recondition are comparing to us. This organization is the bread and butter and also the backbone of poors, widows, handicapped people.

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