About Us

Maharashtra Vyavsay Prashikshan Mandal alias Maharashtra Business Training Board (MBTB) is an autonomous body registered under Government of Maharashtra. Main objectivity of MBTB is to create good knowledgeable man power in field of IT & in Vocational training sector. MBTB is offering its authorization all over the state to promote its main moto of “Education that leads to Success”. Main objective is to encourage youth for self employment and to become successful entrepreneur. Quality education and strong certification of MBTB will create new openings at industry sector also.

MBTB is keen to provide information on various financial schemes like PMRY scheme, NEF and EDP etc. and special schemes for unemployed youth under financial weak sector, widows etc. Various special schemes at MBTB always helps female cadre to work with esteem and to support their own family with additional income.

MBTB authorised training centers under Vocational training, conducts various training programs like pickle preparation, preparation of washing powder, scented agarbatti sticks, rexin bags, creating articles from waste material, beauty parlour, bamboo articles, two-wheeler mechanic etc... Specialised course like English Speaking and Personality Development helps rural candidate to match with urban zone. MBTB authorised training centers under IT (Computer) training, offers various courses from Office Automation, Accounting, Programming Languages covering C,C++, Java, Android etc. with special training programs for school and College candidates. Our specialized Faculty Upgrade program always helps School/College/Institute faculty to upgrade themselves with recent technological changes.
Helping and supporting orphans , senior citizens etc. shows MBTB’s contribution on Social horizon. We at MBTB are absolutely dedicated for the field of education to build our nation.

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